Super Flexible Agile Development Process

And we are certified.
Our experienced & certified developers know what is required to develop a software.
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When it comes for software development, we will be very much specific and clear about what your project is about and what we should do to build it once we receive the requirements, we got experts to build the softwares as they are proposed to be. Pulling a wrong switch is not an option in development, our experienced developers and leaders know what is the right thing that drives in the right direction.
There are few technologies we have expertise in but not limited to. We are learners forever as our development and testing experts are always grinding themself on new releases. We do not follow sheep in development, all our softwares are built only by expert developers and tested by experienced testers. There is no point in pulling bricks without knowing what & how to do.
We do not accept projects even if a tiny portion is unclear or not feasible in our development aspect.
If we accept the project consider it is done.
What do we develop
We engineer and develop softwares and electronic devices, almost all kind of softwares, maybe 95% types of softwares and let that 5% be not in our hands. Its that nobody can do everything and we do not know when should we have to face the challenge. Hence that is why we have a Research department to take part when in need so as to alter a result or course of events which produces the desired product.
What do we serve
Once a software or electronic system is developed, we provide services for the same only if the client wishes(sometimes costs a fortune, sometimes affordable; based on the service requested) otherwise they are free to maintain their own support systems and we provide neccessary adoptation service after deployment.
Windows & Linux
Database Testing
Programm Function Testing
Bug Fixes
Database Architecture
Data Mapping
Server Management
Dedicated Servers
Fully Managed